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This worldwide service is meant for important mailings, which your customer or business partner needs to receive as quickly as possible. Whether invoices, bank statements, a policy or invitations – if your mailing needs to arrive at your recipient quickly, you can rely on our express dispatch.


This worldwide service includes all mailings meant to be cost-effectiveand efficient, e.g. invoices, bank statements, policies or even advertising mail, catalogues, magazines or invitations. If a shorter postage time is desired, use our premium service.

Registered Mail

In combination with our premium service, we can also send letters as registered mail. Your recipient has to sign for the mail then. This type of world-wide mail is guaranteed to be secure and efficient!


Advertising mail is a great way to make products and services known to an audience. That these are creatively and informatively designed is an important component. Yet it is at least equally as important to adapt these to the local mail specifications in order to lower the postage costs as much as possible.

Merchandise Letter

E-commerce requires the right transport channels to do justice to the demands of customers and sellers. The merchandise letter is the modern transport means for small item dispatches up to a maximum 2 kilograms. In combination with our registered mail service, where you can track your letter through a mail number in our Global Tracking, the mail is only handed out to your recipient when signed for.


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