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We have your European Solution.

Global Mail is able to provide you with instructions and guidelines to deliver your direct mail to more than 30 European countries. We bring you extensive knowledge about the European mail and parcel delivery market. Therefore, we can offer a combination of solutions which help reduce time and costs.

Direct Mail

In 37 European countries we have a leading postal company with different rules and regulations. Don't forget the pricing. Global Mail knows exactly what is required to have the best access to those markets. We would love to help you with the right market knowledge combined with the best postage rates.

Brandenburger Tor
Berlin, Germany
Rome, Italy

Parcel business and the need of flexible and market orientated costs are growing faster than ever. We have the great expertise and rates to support your organisation in having a transparent and quick delivery solution within Europe.


Long distances can be overcome by airplane but even quicker by data lines. Our lettershop facility and the quality we produce are great. We offer a safe and qualitative production of your transactional mail, invoices or direct mails.

Eiffel Tower
Paris, France
Big Ben
London, United Kingdom

European customers ask you for a catalogue, a giveaway or even one of your own products. At the moment, you have to pay a lot of transport or postage costs and also customers would receive your goods in 2 - 3 weeks. This could be solved by someone who supports you out of the heart of Europe. Us.

With us, shipping and delivery is child's play.

Global Mail is headquarter in Vienna, the world’s most livable city and home to the waltz and classical music. Our location is ideal. Why? Because we are based in the center of Europe which lets us have an easy and perfect access both to Eastern and Western Europe.

We can deliver your mail to these countries and many more locally.

Brexit? Don't worry, we will help you.

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union in 2019, much uncertainty hangs in the air. Whether the U.K. will leave the EU or not at that point, it will be way more costly to move parcel or letter traffic via the U.K. to other European countries.


We offer a pick-up coordination worldwide.


We transport your goods via air and sea to European ports.

Customs Clearance

Dont' worry about that anymore, we'll take care of it.

We take care of your last mile delivery.

Austria is a member of the European Union since 1995.
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