Dimensions & measurements

Min. size

12 cm x 19 cm

Max. length

200 cm

Max. weight per package

12 kg

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Transit time

5 - 10 workdays

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up to 2 kg

€ 22,00

up to 4 kg

€ 35,00

up to 8 kg

€ 58,00

up to 10 kg

€ 68,00

up to 20 kg

€ 125,00

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More information

  • Automatic insurance for your package dispatch of up to € 100,- per package dispatch

  • No problem if you require higher insurance. The insurance sum is 1.5 % of the value of the goods

  • Registered post can be tracked using Global Tracking (only available for certain countries)

  • Collection at an address of your choice can easily be arranged

  • Returned goods undeliverable packages from the EU - shipping price + 10 %. Outside the EU € 25,- per package

  • You can deliver your dispatch to Vienna from MO - FR from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.

  • You can prepare your shipping information on Global Booking

  • Goods dispatches outside the EU can be subject at any time to control by customs authorities and this can cause a delay

  • You have no contractual long-term commitment

  • Rates exclude 20% VAT and 4.5% security and energy surcharge

  • Billing is weekly or as agreed

  • You can find our shipping terms here.

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1. These transit times are a guideline and therefore are not guaranteed. Saisonal and politic influences are not covered. For detailed transit times please ask your account handler.

2. For larger items or dispatch of a large number of packages, our sales team will be happy to help with youinquiry.

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