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Size and Weight

min. size

12 cm x 19 cm

max. length

200 cm

max. weight per parcel

31,5 kg

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Transit time


European Union

2 - 5 workdays


3 - 10 workdays

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Austria up to 2 kg (4,40 lb)

€ 3,50 / item

Germany up to 4 kg (8,80 lb)

€ 6,00 / item

Italy up to 2 kg (4,40 lb)

€ 7,50 / item

Sweden up to 2 kg (4,40 lb)

€ 9,50 / item

France up to 2 kg (4,40 lb)

€ 8,00 / item

Switzerland up to 2 kg (4,40 lb)

€ 7,00 / item

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More Information

  • We are able to organise transport and pickups from various airports or harbours

  • We will charge back all customs clearance duties

  • For best rate option we would need the database to sort according to the requirements

  • Parcels insured up to € 100,- / item

  • You can track and trace your parcels on Global Tracking

  • Customs clearance can effect transit timed

  • In case we handle your database we give your a signed data protection agreement

  • We can offer our Warehouse Service which saves time and transport costs

  • Light goods can also be handled via our Postal Service

  • Franking and sorting plus delivery to the delivery company is part of the rate

  • Return parcels can be handled bases on your requirements locally

  • For non-EU countries we do need a pro forma invoice (Switzerland, Norway)

  • Transit times are counted from Vienna, Austria

  • You have no long-term contractual commitment

  • Prepayment of transport costs on our bank account before we release material

  • You can pay in various currencies based on the actual exchange rate

  • You can find our shipping terms here