Dimensions & measurements


DIN Long (235 mm x 100 mm)

15 grams

C5 envelope (235 mm x 148 mm)

19 grams

C4 envelope (297 mm x 225 mm)

30 grams

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DIN Long

€ 1,20

C5 envelope

€ 1,30

C4 envelope

€ 1,45

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  • We will gladly prepare the layout and text

  • Before printing you will receive a galley proof for approval

  • Different paper qualities and formats are available

  • Logos or photos in JPG, TIF or EPS format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi

  • Textual information as a PDF or Microsoft Word document

  • File transfer must be coordinated in advance with the vendor

  • Graphics and logos must be made available to us as EPS files

  • You have no long-term contractual commitment

  • Rates exclude 20% VAT and 4.5% security and energy surcharge

  • Billing is weekly or as agreed

  • You can find our shipping terms here

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1. We also have many non-standard sizes both with and without reply cards. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

2. Sample prices are calculated for a quantity of 3.000 - 5.000 items. If you are planning on sending a larger quantity, you will pay less than stated above. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

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