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We support you.

From the beginning on.

We want to
grow with you.

We offer startups particularly attractive conditions because we want to grow alongside you. We will work together to find the best solution for your needs. No matter whether you are interested in shipping or storage, printing and graphics, or the procurement of packaging material – we are there for you.


We ship your products at favorable prices.

Safely and quickly - around the world.

Catalogues and promotional material can be sent at affordable prices.


The best and most modern way to ship small items of up to 2 kg.

Ship your products safely all over the world.


Here, our machinery can be used to wrap your magazines and brochures, put documents of all formats into envelopes, and address items you want to ship, along with handling cutting and folding.


We undertake the work of filling packages or putting together collections of samples carefully by hand.


Not sure where to go with your goods and want to save time and money? Welcome to Global Mail.


We can manage your advertising material, your online shop and your empties in our warehouse.


 We collect all your returns in a central location.


Always have a reliable overview of your goods in our warehouse, no matter where you are.

3,500 m²

Wow! This is the enormous scale of the workspace and service area where we manage your goods.

3 reasons why you will benefit from our products.
1. Affordable

We offer cost-efficient storage, along with affordable letter and parcel shipping.

2. Customer satisfaction

Our services and products have already created 650 happy customers around the world!

3. Flexible

We don't have any fixed plans. Each customer is individual, so we always put together a bespoke quotation.



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