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About us

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Sending letters or parcels within Austria

or worldwide.

Mailing with service

Give your marketing products a boost.

We design and simultaneously assemble your self-mailers, catalogs, brochures, and much more. Then we send them to your customers.

Fast or cost-effective, we deliver everywhere.

Our conditions for shipping parcels and letters can’t be beat.

Connect your
online shop to us.

We store your products and ship them as soon as a customer places an order with you. It’s automatic and completely straightforward.


We send your letters internationally and throughout Austria at reasonable prices. Whether registered mail, mailshots or goods, everything is possible.


Global Mail ships your parcels and goods to Europe or worldwide at cost-saving conditions.


Connect your web store to us. Your products and goods are safe and well taken care of in our warehouse in Vienna. 


We put your mailings in envelopes, wrap them in film, and address them. Brochures, catalogs, magazines, and books are packaged and sent by machine or manually.


Our network provides us with access to various transport companies. We offer courier services, road transport, and express shipping.


We support startups thanks to our particularly good conditions. We make shipping, storage, packaging, and much more possible for young companies.

Online tools

Mailrunner, Global Booking and Global Tracking give you constant access to an online overview of your stock levels, your shipments, and much more.


We take care of the right addresses, self-mailers, and production, as well as the graphic design of your mailings.