Seit über 30 Jahren sind wir im Bereich Logistik tätig. Abgesehen vom Warehousing und Versand, steht bei uns der Kunde im Mittelpunkt.

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Global Mail is an Austrian company that has been providing customers around the world with first-class service and tailor-made solutions through a large and secure service and sales network for over 30 years.







We have experience in the logistics area

enrich our company in Austria

we pack and send each day

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In 2015, we developed a new and fresh concept that meets the needs of our customers even more. With our in-house lettershop and warehouse, we stand out in the market.
Our focus is on business-to-business. Our customers' industries vary: from hoteliers to publishers; everything is included. For companies like Nespresso, McDonald's, Nutella, or Austria Advertising, we pack and send letters, packages, and much more. We also support start-ups with their logistics and storage of their products.
We have been offering graphic design for flyers, self-mailers, and packaging since 2019 as well.

What differentiates us from the Austrian Post?

Individual and tailor-made offers.