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National and international shipping of your e-commerce products at low rates in Europe and worldwide.

We ship parcels for these companies

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Efficient and faster shipping

Thanks to our international shipping partner network, we can ship your orders to your customers safely and quickly. Customer satisfaction is thus guaranteed. Our low shipping rates save you a lot of money.

Our shipping partners for every destination and order quantity


Orders are shipped the same day

We offer same-day shipping so that your customers receive their order as quickly as possible. After the package has been completed, it will be made ready for shipment. 

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Ready for dispatch before 1pm

Orders received before 1 p.m. are made ready for dispatch on the same day

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1-2 workdays

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€500 insurance

Shipments to Austria and Germany are delivered within 1-2 working days

Shipments are insured up to €500. Additional insurance protection is possible

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Automatic shipment tracking

As soon as the package has been handed over to the shipping service provider, you and your customer will automatically receive a tracking number with which the package can be tracked.

Transparency in returns handling

If a customer sends back an order, it is returned to us. You will receive a notification of each order received and a return shipment.

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Quality Control

Every incoming goods and every return shipment is checked for defects

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If the goods are in order, they will be put back into storage

Automatically updating overview of your inventory

All shipping options at a glance

Parcel Shipping Within Europe

We ship your e-commerce products throughout Europe at low cost. This includes EU, EEA countries and the rest of Europe.

Worldwide Parcel Shipping

We give priority to shipping parcels outside the EU to the destination countries and hand them over to local parcel deliverers.

Express Shipping at Low Costs

Delivery options influence the purchasing behavior of online shop buyers. The faster the goods arrive, the happier your customers are.


Global Mail is your international logistics partner.

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