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Courier Trips

Botenfahrten vom Eilbrief bis hin zu mehreren Paletten bieten wir dir gerne rasch und unkompliziert aus einer Hand an.

Dimensions & measurements

Max. length

200 cm

Max. height

130 cm

Max. weight per palett

500 kg

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Orders of collection to delivery are carried out within 24 hours

Faster service fee same day 40% of the order value

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Rates Vienna | Pickup

and Delivery


up to 25 kg

€ 40,00

up to 50 kg

€ 45,00

up to 100 kg

€ 80,00

up to 200 kg

€ 125,00

every extra 10 kg

€ 3,00

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Rates Vienna Surrounding Area | Pickup and Delivery

up to 25 kg

€ 60,00

up to 50 kg

€ 80,00

up to 100 kg

€ 100,00

up to 200 kg

€ 150,00

every extra 10 kg

€ 4,00

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1. If you have dispatches to send abroad daily or occasionally we can offer you a special rate. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions.

2. If you have regular orders we can give you special rates. Please contact us.

  • Dispatch must be ready for collection and well packaged when given to the driver

  • Precise delivery address, contact person and telephone number are required when placing an order

  • If pallets need to be exchanged please provide information in advance

  • We can provide packaging material and single use pallets for a fee

  • Waiting times are charged at € 10,- / 15 minutes

  • You can deliver your dispatch to Vienna from MO - FR from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.

  • You have no long-term contractual commitment

  • Rates exclude 20% VAT and 4.5% security and energy surcharge

  • Billing is weekly or as agreed

  • You can find our shipping terms here