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Whether national or international mail -
we consolidate your mail at the best rates.

We ship for these companies


Send your mailings with us

Thanks to our international partners close to your destination, you benefit from competitive rates that we negotiate for you, as well as our expertise in local postal delivery.

Our shipping partners for every destination and shipment volume

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We are more than happy to take care of your daily mail

We collect your daily mail and deliver it on excellent terms. This saves you time in line at the post office and expensive postage costs. Doesn't that sound amazing? Begin your new journey with Global Mail.

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Cheap postage costs

By posting locally and professionally consolidating, you save on postage costs

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Way to the post office

We frank, bundle and sort your letters for optimal posting

Daily collection by our vehicle according to fixed and flexible specifications

International & national mail delivery

Global Mail takes care of all your packing, postage and customs declaration needs for easy delivery anywhere in the world. Let's work together and get your business onto the next level.

All shipping options at a glance

Premium goods letter

This worldwide service is intended for important letters that you want your customers and business partners to receive as quickly as possible.

Parcel Shipping Within the EU and Across Europe

We ship your e-commerce products throughout Europe at low cost. This includes EU, EEA countries and the rest of Europe.

Economy mail order

This worldwide service includes all mail that needs to be sent internationally cost-effectively and efficiently. Build a strong relationship with your customers.

Parcel Shipping

We give priority to shipping parcels outside the EU to the destination countries and hand them over to local parcel deliverers.

Registered Mail Order

Your recipient must accept the shipment with his signature. This type of worldwide mail delivery is safe and efficient, and accepted in almost every country.

Express shipping at Low Costs

Delivery options influence the purchasing behavior of online shop buyers. The faster the goods arrive, the happier your customers are.


Global Mail is your international logistics partner.

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