We send up to 500,000 letters per week. And this worldwide.


This worldwide service is intended for important letters that your customers and business partners should receive as quickly as possible. Whether invoices, account statements, policies or invitations - if your shipment should reach the recipient even faster, you can use our express delivery service.



This worldwide service includes all letters that are supposed to be cost effective and efficient, e.g. such as invoices, bank statements, policies, but also advertising mailings, catalogs, magazines or invitations. If you want it faster, you can use our Premium Shipping.



Registered Mail

Combined with our Premium Shipping service, we can send your letters as registered letters. Your recipient must then take over the shipment with his signature. This type of worldwide mailing is safe and efficient. Invoices, reminders or other important documents are transported safely and quickly.



Promotional mailings are a good way to advertise products and services. It is an important part that these are designed creatively and informatively. However, it is at least as important to adapt them to the local postal requirements in order to reduce postage costs as much as possible.



Merchandise Letter

E-commerce needs the right transportation routes to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. The merchandise letter is the modern transport way for small goods up to max. two kilograms. In connection with our registered mail service, the consignments are only handed over to the recipient against signature to make it as safe as possible.



We Take Care of Your Daily Mail, You Take Care of Your Customers.

We also pack your letters and parcels.


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