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Warehousing is an important component. Here, in addition to quantity control, you will also find the right storage space for you.

Lots of space for your shop products

Our warehouse in Vienna offers numerous storage options. There are hundreds of parking spaces and pallet spaces, shelves, high racks and cold rooms in our warehouse.

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2,000 pallet spaces

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7 high-level shelves

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500 pitches

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Unlimited storage space

Returns processing is not complicated for us

As soon as an order is returned, it comes back to our warehouse, where we check the returned goods for defects (eg expiry date). If it's okay, we'll put it back in storage.

Flexible and professional storage in Vienna
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Video Surveillance

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Access Only With AirKey

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Data Protection

Our warehouse is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance to best ensure the protection and safety of your goods.

We control who has access to your products. Doors are locked electronically with an AirKey system that only certain and selected employees have.

Your customers' data will only be processed when the order is placed and will not be passed on to anyone. We always conclude a data protection agreement with you.

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Merchandise Management

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Collection of Your Goods

You always have the peace of mind that your products are insured while you can focus on other important aspects of your business. 

We guarantee safe acceptance and quality control of the products for the first and each subsequent delivery as well as for returned goods.

We pick up your goods from any location in the world. Of course, your products can also be delivered directly to us by your producer.

What we can store with us

Additional Services


Affordable and secure storage of archival material is the norm for us. Safekeeping is access-secured with us and access is always possible if required.

Our top additional services

Not only can we store your goods, we can also archive them in a cost-effective and practical way. We also offer storage of empties and can take over your entire logistics team.


Global Mail is your international logistics partner.

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