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Your Next Big Career at Global Mail

Great job opportunities at one of the largest web shop logistics companies in Vienna.

Talented and communicative salespeople

We are looking for experienced salespeople who can work in a team and have a strong will to succeed. Our company is constantly growing and we need people like you who can help us get even better.

  • How heavy and large can international letter mail items be?
    You can send letters abroad up to a maximum weight of 2,000g. The maximum dimension is length + width + height = 900 mm, with a maximum length of 600 m.
  • Is it possible to enclose a sample of goods in a letter sent abroad?
    In letters, only written communication and documents can be sent abroad.
  • What content may be sent in an international letter mailing?
    With International Letter Mail, you can send documents weighing up to 2 kg. Documents are written, drawn, printed or digital messages and information, e.g. contracts, personal messages or invoices. The items must not contain any goods. For example, the following contents are also considered documents: Digital media (USB memory, CD and DVD) containing messages and information; brochures, catalogs and flyers. Shipments that have a declared value of goods when sent to non-EU countries with a customs declaration of contents are not considered documents. When sending digital media with messages and information, we recommend noting on the shipments: "Document on CD/data or USB stick". For documents with a hard cover, we recommend noting: "Document with hard cover/envelope".

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