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Registered Mail

Your recipient must then take over the shipment with his signature. This type of worldwide mailing is safe and efficient. Invoices, reminders or other important documents are transported safely and quickly.





Registered Mail


Merchandise Letter


Registration fee

€ 2.40

Max. Dimensions & Weight

Length, Width, Height



900 mm

500 mm

up to max. 2,000 grams per shipment

Delivery Time²


Business Days



USA, Canada






How Does the Shipping Work?

Your letters will be franked and post-produced by us and must be handed over to us separately according to zones and type of service. Self-delivery is possible at our location in Vienna from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are happy to collect your items free of charge from a turnover of € 150, -. Billing takes place weekly or by appointment.


For goods shipments outside the EU, a CN22 sticker must be used, which you can get from us. You can find further shipping conditions in our terms and conditions. Packaging material can be provided at an additional cost.


Your shipment is insured up to € 50,-.


Registered mails can be checked for Global Tracking with your tracking number (currently only possible for certain countries). According to the Postal Act, investigations can take up to 3 months. Pickup can be set up at your location with no problems.


You will automatically receive returned items in electronic or physical form.

1. If you have any registered mail daily or from time to time, we would be happy to make you a special offer. The above prices are exclusive of 20% VAT and 4.5% energy and security surcharge.


2. These are average terms that are not guaranteed. Seasonal and geopolitical influences are not included. You can get exact times from our customer service.

No long-term commitment.

We do not make any binding contracts. Get a free and individual offer.

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