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Werbesendungen, um schnell Produkte und Dienstleistungen bekannt zu machen.

Dimensions & measurements

Max. length, width and height

900 mm

Longest dimension

500 mm

Shipping weight

up to 2.000 grams per dispatch

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European Union

3 - 8 workdays

Non-EU members

4 - 10 workdays

U.S.A. and Canada

8 - 15 workdays


10 - 20 workdays

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Your rates are individual; here are some samples how your rates could look like.


6.000 items C5 envelope up to 20 grams | England

€ 0,33

8.000 items C4 envelope up to 50 grams | Italy

€ 0,54

12.000 items Self-mailer up to 20 grams | Netherlands

€ 0,30

3.500 items C4 envelope up to 100 grams | Germany

€ 0,69

500 items C5 envelope up to 20 grams | U.S.A.

€ 0,48

300 items C5/6 envelope up to 20 grams | China

€ 0,48

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1. These transit times are a guideline and therefore are not guaranteed. Saisonal and politic influences are not covered. For detailed transit times please ask your account handler.

2. If you have registered post to send daily or occasionally we can offer you a special rate. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions. Rates per item.

  • Free collection of your dispatch from a location of your choice 

  • We can provide you with packaging materials at little cost

  • To optimise your postage costs, in some cases we need your address to harmonise it with the delivery area and to sort it accordingly

  • We can print and package your dispatch in our own Lettershop

  • If you like we will give you a signed data protection declaration

  • We will frank your mailings and make them ready for sending

  • You have to sort your mailings according to zones and service type

  • You can prepare your shipping information on Global Booking

  • Returned post will be given to you in physical or electronic form according to your instructions

  • Rates exclude 20% VAT and 4.5% security and energy surcharge

  • Billing is weekly or as agreed

  • You can find our shipping terms here